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SAKER® Silent Protective Cover For Table Legs

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  • Anti-Slip and Secure: These protective covers are designed to stay in place. They effectively prevent furniture legs from slipping or shifting, ensuring your furniture remains stable and secure.

  • Silent Movement: The covers are equipped with a highly effective noise-reduction feature. They dampen the sound produced when moving chairs or tables, providing a quieter environment in your home or workspace.

  • Durable Elasticity: Made from high-quality materials, these covers offer excellent elasticity. They can be easily stretched and pulled over furniture legs, and their elasticity ensures a snug fit without tearing or losing their shape.

  • Water-Resistant and Non-Absorbent: These covers are resistant to water and do not absorb moisture. Even when exposed to water, they maintain their adhesive properties, keeping your furniture legs protected and free from damage.

  • Residue-Free: When it's time to remove these protective covers, they won't leave any sticky residue behind. Your furniture will remain clean and undamaged, making these covers ideal for various types of tables, chairs, and stools.


  • Material: non-woven fabric


  • 1 pc*SAKER® Silent Protective Cover For Table Legs