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SAKER® Pet Bath Shower Head

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  • Gentle and Effective Bathing: Designed for both cats and dogs, the SAKER® Pet Bath Shower Head delivers a soft, bubble-like water stream that's gentle on your pet's sensitive skin. Say goodbye to the discomfort of harsh water pressure during bath time and ensure your beloved pets enjoy their bathing experience.

  • Dual Adjustable Modes: Experience versatility with the choice of two modes: a gentle bubble flow and a direct spray. Easily switch between modes to tailor the water flow to your pets' preferences and the task at hand.

  • Durable and Safe Material: Crafted from reinforced resin material, this shower head boasts durability and resistance to impacts, ensuring its longevity. Its robust build is resistant to high temperatures and wear, making it a reliable bathing tool for your pets.

  • Compact and Easy to Use: The compact design of the shower head makes it comfortable to hold and maneuver, ensuring a hassle-free bathing process for both pets and owners alike.

  • Encourage Positive Bathing Experiences: Transform bath time into a positive bonding experience for you and your pets with the SAKER® Pet Bath Shower Head. The adjustable modes, durable material, and ease of use contribute to a stress-free bathing routine that your pets will come to enjoy.


  • Package Size: 9*6*6cm
  • Weight: 200g


  • 1 pc*SAKER® Pet Bath Shower Head