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SAKER® Dog Paw Wax

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  • Sebum Membrane Protection: Safeguard and maintain the delicate sebum membrane of your furry friend's paw pads, ensuring their softness and health while preserving the natural sebaceous glands.

  • Soothing Moisture Infusion: Pamper your pet's paws with soothing and moisturizing care, effectively retaining optimal hydration levels for their paw pads. Our formula is gentle, skin-friendly, and designed to keep those paws comfortably soft.

  • Combat Dryness: Combat dryness by replenishing the skin's sebum, enhancing the protective barrier of the paw pads. Say goodbye to dry, cracked soles and welcome a more resilient and supple texture.

  • Comprehensive Paw Care Solution: Address a range of paw-related issues effortlessly – from dryness and cracking caused by excessive friction to keratosis due to aging. Our formula also serves as a preventive measure against external infections, skin diseases, and chemical irritation.

  • Nutrient-Rich Ingredients: Enriched with the goodness of Argan Oil, which effectively locks in moisture and nourishes damaged skin. Grape Seed Oil forms a protective film to repair dry, peeling skin, while Olive Fruit Oil promotes metabolism and quick absorption.

  • Year-Round Protection: Ensure your beloved pet's paw comfort in every season and setting. Shield sensitive paws from discomfort brought on by cold, dry, freezing, or hot pavement. Show your love by providing them with the best paw protector and nose pacifier available.


  • 60 g (2.1 oz)


  • 1 pc*SAKER® Dog Paw Wax