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SAKER® Angle Grinder Holder

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  • Enhanced Design for Smooth Cutting: Experience improved cutting performance with the upgraded SAKER® Angle Grinder Holder. The frame has been enlarged and thickened, ensuring smooth and precise cuts. Constructed with high-quality metal and durable plastic materials, this holder offers excellent hardness and durability. It comes complete with a bracket and shield, providing a versatile and reliable cutting solution.

  • Increased Cutting Depth: The angle grinder bracket features an enhanced cutting depth of 0-40mm, significantly improving cutting efficiency. With the included protective cover, you can work confidently without the risk of injury during woodworking. The solid sliding and pivoting mechanism, along with the cast iron base plate, offer stability and precision for your cutting tasks.

  • Versatile Compatibility: The SAKER® Angle Grinder Holder is designed to accommodate 100-125 angle grinders and indoor sawing machines. This makes it the ideal accessory to transform your 100mm to 125mm universal angle grinder into a compact metal cutting machine. Expand your tool's capabilities and achieve professional-grade results.

  • Adjustable Cutting Angle: Achieve flexibility in your cutting projects with the angle grinder bracket's adjustable knob. It allows you to easily customize the cutting angle to meet different requirements. With a cutting angle range of 0-45 degrees, you can achieve precise and versatile cuts. The strength reinforcing rod with spring return ensures comfortable and accurate work.

  • Complete Accessories for Convenience: The SAKER® Angle Grinder Holder comes with a range of accessories to enhance your cutting experience. The additional support rail features an adjustable design, enabling slotting and more accurate cutting. This ensures convenience, safety, and protection from injuries during woodworking projects. Have everything you need to tackle your cutting tasks with confidence.


  • Weight: 0.71kg
  • Size: 23*13.5*16cm


  • 1*SAKER® Angle Grinder Holder