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This SANK Kids Art Frames Unique Advantages:

  • High Capacity

    Our frames can hold up to 150 sheets of Letter paper at a time, which is three times the capacity of ordinary frames. The storage effect is more effective, cost-effective.

  • Double Fixation

    The metal hanger has a strong weight-bearing effect and the transparent adhesive keeps the frame stable, this unique design gives more peace of mind for use.

  • 180-Degree Open Metal Hinge

    The wide-angle opening design makes it easy to take and place artwork in the frame.

  • Rubber Retaining Band

    The rubber fixing strap does not harm the artwork and can play an effective fixing role.

  • Storage & Display

    The frame can not only store the previous paintings or photos, but also display the latest or most satisfactory paintings or photos.

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Perfect tool for displaying artwork

SANK Kids Art Frames are crafted with an 11x8.5 inch inner border and 0.78-inch thickness, can be displayed with Letter or less size artwork and store about 150 PCS artwork. Suitable for displaying kids' paintings, photos, postcards, scrapbooking, concert tickets, collections or any memorabilia you desire. Make your own unique artwork to brighten up your life. These are also perfect gifts for your children, families or friends.

Why Choose SANK Kids Art Frames

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Have a Good Time with SANK Kids Art Frames

SANK Kids Art Frames are very easy to Use

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4 PCS * Sank 8.5'' x 11'' Kids Art Frames White


4 PCS * Sank 8.5'' x 11'' Kids Art Frames Wood Grain Color


4 PCS * Sank 8.5'' x 11'' Kids Art Frames Black


2 PCS * Sank 8.5'' x 11'' Kids Art Frames White


2 PCS * Sank 8.3'' x 11.8'' Kids Art Frames Wood Grain Color


2 PCS * Sank 8.5'' x 11'' Kids Art Frames Black


About SANK

SANK is designed by real professionals who are out there with years of experience in real-life job sites. We’ve been a staple in the office industry for over 20 years, and we’ve helped over 2 million happy customers achieve better results in their home education projects.

Our products are made with non-toxic, BAP-free, lead-free, phthalate-free materials. Our customer service team truly cares about children's growth! We are knowledgeable and ready to help - just shoot an email if you ever need anything!

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I purchased these in an effort to help contain my children’s special achievements, such as prized artwork, sweetest cards, souvenirs, etc. Definitely handy. The fact that it doubles as an art frame to display their latest creation, which holds their cherished memories, is an added plus!

Nikolas R. from Los Angeles

Absolutely lovely it’s wonderful and a must-need if you have kids who love to paint, draw and do anything that can be placed for all to see and also used as storage absolutely love this. I bought two for each child and I love it.

Turner M. from Corning

My toddler is in school so she’s always bringing home artwork or making something at home. This is a perfect way to store all her art work on the walls and gives the wall cute artwork to decorate the game room with too. Easy to put the artwork in too. I haven’t hung them yet, but plan to this weekend. I bought a 4 pack since I’ll have 3 kids all providing art to hang.

Jason H. from Highland

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