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Saker® Silicone Caulking Tools 4

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"Easy to use, save time to only reach for 1 tool instead of 3."

-Steve Hing.

THE ADVANTAGES OF SAKER® SILICONE CAULKING TOOLS Enjoy The Benefit Of Saker® Silicone Caulking Tools





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Silicone caulking tool help you create a smooth line of caulk, improve the agglutinating quality and the aesthetic sense of surface.

  • DELICATE - The caulking tool is designed with a stainless steel scraper, sturdy plastic handle and a surface cleaning blade with 5 replaceable pads, lightweight, easy to clean and store.
  • WIDELY USED - It will be widely used to perfect smooth caulking lines in the kitchen, bathroom, shower room, and around windows.
  • PROFESSIONAL - This tool is great for creating smooth grout lines around. It makes any caulking job fast. Remover is applicable for dried caulk. The flat stainless steel won't scratch hard surfaces.
  • SAVE TIME - The stainless steel caulk remover pulls out old caulking strips with either a push or pull motion to keep surfaces clean, shaving off an hour of work from your previous attempts.



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It was so much easier to scrape out the old stuff



I had to re-do some caulking around 2 bathrooms as well as some external door frames. I bought this little tool to make the process go more smoothly and I am so glad that I did! The scraper quickly and easily removed the old caulking from all the surfaces and worked so much better than tools I have used before. It was so much easier to scrape out the old stuff. I then used the opposite end with the rubber spatula attachments to smooth out the applied new caulking. It made a clean and smooth line on tile, marble, and wood services. This baby makes my work look much more professional than what I have done before. It’s also super cheap!

Allows you to easily smooth the joint



It seems like every time I caulked in the past, it never quite got smooth. The multi point tool is tremendous and allows you to easily smooth the joint. It works like a squeegee in getting off extra caulking from unintended places. I didn't even need to tape...it came out much better than when previously taped, since the tape left a line/joint. This was perfectly smooth. It was so easy I did 3 places in the house already!

Shaved off an hour of work from my previous attempts



I tried some of the other tools you can get at home depot and they were messy and not effective. When I used this tool the caulking came off like I had promised it desert for doing so.I was able to easily clean up the bits of mess that were left from the previous attempt even. Heck, I used the applicator backwards when applying the new caulking and it still worked great. This tool shaved off an hour of work from my previous attempts. Couldn't be happier.