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Get Easy Markings & More Precise Woodwork With a Multi-function Scribing Tool

Save time and level up your woodwork with 15 marking applications in one tool

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You can use the versatile Saker Scribing tool for 15 applications, including:

The Efficient, Easy Way to Get Accurate Scribing on Your Work:

  • Smooth Rotating Hinge

    Easily adjust the shape and function of the tool with an easy-glide hinge that locks into place

  • Stable Scribing

    The non-slip nut tightens into place and holds the pencil in a stable position for a steady line that follows awkwardly shaped edges

  • Gets the Perfect Fit

    Scribe nuanced, accurate lines that get it right the first time with and fit your work plumb against the wall

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

The Most Reliable Way to Get Gap-free Fitting in Your Woodwork

With the Saker scribing tool, you can achieve professional precision in your woodwork for any type of fitting. The tool changes shape by a simple adjustment and locks into place for the most reliable scribing, especially for awkward and complicated edges. You won’t even sweat it with Saker!

  • Easy Adjustment

    Open and rotate to contour, scribe, compass, or edge rule modes in seconds, then lock it into place

  • Works on All Surfaces

    Not just for wood! The pencil can mark on plastic, ceramics, and metal, too

  • Durable Materials

    Made from corrosion resistant aluminum alloy with anodic oxidation treatment for longevity

  • Removable Deep-Hole Pencil

    Mark through deep beams and joists with ease

  • 6 Spare Leads Included

    Do countless projects before your pencils run out

  • Built-in Sharpener

    Always have a sharp nib that’s ready to use

Get 35% OFF Now
*If they're still in stock

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Why do professionals only trust Saker?

DIY enthusiasts and professional construction crews around the USA praise Saker for their innovative, efficient design. Most other scribing tools make scribing awkward and cumbersome, often requiring multiple tools to do the job.

The Saker multi-function scribing tool combines all of your scribing needs into one convenient tool that fits inside your tool belt or shirt pocket. It is now easier than ever to make your work look sharp and clean.

Saker Multi-function Scribing Tool Other Scribing Tools
4 modes of scribing
Clear marking on all materials
Built-in deep hole pencil
Stable scribing
Precise reading
Durable aluminum alloy
Versatile movement
Gets it right the first time
Saves time from errors
Money-back guarantee

Saker Multi-function Scribing Tool is Easy to Use

  • STEP 1

    Adjust the tool for the type of markings needed by adjusting the tightness of the pencil holder and the nut.

  • STEP 2

    Lock the new shape into place for a stable marking.

  • STEP 3

    Steady the tool and put the pencil where you need to mark and easily trace the lines you need.

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*If they're still in stock

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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About Saker

Our company has long been renowned in the field of professional tools. Yet, we gradually realized a common problem: many users feel perplexed when faced with these specialized products. By chance, we noticed that even our wife is not good at using them.

At that moment, we deeply understood that the complexity of professional tools hindered most people from enjoying them. So we've launched a new company focused solely on creating specialized products for DIY enthusiasts. With deep insights into user needs, our team meticulously crafts each detail, driven by passion and creativity.

We're thrilled that Saker has become the top choice for DIY enthusiasts, offering them practical, high-quality tools with thoughtful design. Our story continues as we're dedicated to ensuring everyone finds joy and accomplishment in their projects.

Saker has over 64,000 positive reviews!

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It would be great if every cut you had to make was on a straight line, but we all know that isn’t the case. The Saker scriber is the only tool I’ve ever found that does any scribing that could possibly be needed at a site. I’ve always gotten perfect edges with it, so I really can’t complain.

Carl F. Home Improvement Enthusiast from Portland, Maine

I come from 3 generations of carpenters in my family, and I’ve seen a ton of tools for handy work. Saker is by far the best quality I’ve ever used, and this scriber gets a dead on fit every single time.

James R. Dad and Handyman from Fort Worth, Texas

Saker scribers are non-negotiable on my work sites. They reduce errors and get the job done right the first time, every time, especially for difficult edges. The deep hole pencil is also a fantastic touch that I don’t think they advertise enough. I love what these guys have done with the scriber. Take it from me, these things are worth it.

Bobby T.Construction Foreman from Sequim, WA

Get 35% OFF Now
*If they're still in stock

30-Day Money Back Guarantee