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This Saker Honing Guide Tool Unique Advantages:

  • New Angle Fixing Tool

    This honing guide could fix and adjust the angle at which the chisel edge contacts the whetstone, so that the whole knife edge can be sharpened evenly.

  • Optional Sharpening Angles

    Get the standard sharpening angles by adjusting the distance between the top of the chisel and the Saker honing guide.

  • Compatible With Chisels & Planer Blades

    The chisels and planer blades from 0.2-2.55 inches can be fixed by adjusting the knob, which covers the commonly used sizes.

  • Wide Roller Attached

    The wider wheel/roller of Saker honing guide provide greater stability. It’s not necessary to take care of avoiding tipping the jig in use.

  • All Metal & Durable

    The body of Saker honing guide was made from aluminum alloy, heavy enough to support the weight of most chisels, wear-resistant, anti-corrosion, will never get rust after years of use.

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Perfect tool for easy and accurate sharpening

Honing freehand may result in a rounded edge that doesn’t cut as smoothly. Since the Saker honing guide holds the tool at a fixed angle, it is easier to get a flat, consistent bevel and cleaner cuts. This guide is adjustable, it makes easy to dial in an exact bevel angle.


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*If they're still in stock

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Saker Honing Guide Tool is very easy to Use

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Climate Pledge Friendly

Saker Honing Guide (Upgraded Version)
Emery Sharpening Stone


Saker Honing Guide (Upgraded Version)
Emery Sharpening Stone
Chisel Set


Saker Honing Guide (Upgraded Version)


About Saker

Our company has long been renowned in the field of professional tools. Yet, we gradually realized a common problem: many users feel perplexed when faced with these specialized products. By chance, we noticed that even our wife is not good at using them.

At that moment, we deeply understood that the complexity of professional tools hindered most people from enjoying them. So we've launched a new company focused solely on creating specialized products for DIY enthusiasts. With deep insights into user needs, our team meticulously crafts each detail, driven by passion and creativity.

We're thrilled that Saker has become the top choice for DIY enthusiasts, offering them practical, high-quality tools with thoughtful design. Our story continues as we're dedicated to ensuring everyone finds joy and accomplishment in their projects.

Over 86,000 Construction Journeymen and Foremen use Saker Honing Guide Tool in the USA

Built with premium quality metal, and weighing 0.6 pounds, the Saker Honing Guide Tool is stronger than the regular honing guide. It is enough to support the weight of most chisels, wear-resistant, anti-corrosion and durable, it’s no wonder Saker has 64,000+ positive reviews!


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This thing, in combination with a decent bevel gauge, has made sharpening plane irons and chisels so much easier. I have always been terrible at sharpening. For whatever reason, I could never seem to get that razor-sharp end result. I was surprised at how easy this made the whole process. The directions were extremely helpful—short and sweet, and very clear.

Nikolas R.

I use it to sharpen planer blades and wood chisels. It works very nicely. Very easy to get the proper angle on my plane knives. Holds the blade straight. It’s money well spent. Keep your tools accurate with a good cutting edge. You can’t beat it.

Turner M.

This is an excellent, simple and inexpensive tool. It gives me much better, faster results when sharpening chisels and plane irons. Is a huge improvement over my attempts at freehand...tool has a solid feel and seems to be well-made.

Jason H.

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