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Irregular patterns are difficulty?

Money and material are wasted?

Tired of contouring and decorating your home?

If you said yes to any of these problems, you need to see how Saker Contour Gauge can change your life. Contour and decorate your home is good, but your home has some irregular patterns.This device is perfect for those who want to make their home beautiful.

When we are laying the floor tiles, the structure of the home is usually irregular, which brings great difficulty to our laying. Being able to perfectly cut irregular patterns to decorate our home is a dream for everyone.That’s where Saker Contour Gauge can help.This means that no matter how irregular the pattern. You don't have to do tedious operations yourself, but only need to rely on this tool to complete.

High Quality
  • Saker Contour Gauge is made of high quality ABS plastic and metal, high strength, rustproof and durable.
Two Choices
  • Our contour gauge measures 120MM/5 INCH&250MM/10 INCH.You can choose any one you need. Of course, I suggest a ten-inch model.
  • It consists of a removable plastic plate, which is very convenient to use.
Easy to Use
  • Saker Contour Gauge has a lock-Once object has been contoured, lock contour gauge teeth in place for perfect traces every time.It also has a tool to adjust the tightness which can also be your helper.
-See What Others Are Saying:-
"This thing is amazing! It slides smoothly. The lock works great! I bought 2 different ones to compare quality and this one blew the other one out of the water. I ordered another one as a gift for my dad too. Highly recommend!"
-Harry Ashton
"If you know what your doing, this is a nice tool. It would be nice if they made it in a longer tho! I finished off my fireplace where the drywall met the rock. Tough to cut the trim to match without something like this."
-Eddie Kilmer
"This tool is very helpful! It made it easy to duplicate any shape. It is very good quality for the price. I would highly recommend buying this product.It’s also good for who ever love to decorator.I think you need it."
-Calvin Hasen

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Discovery Package

1* 5 INCH/120MM

1* 5 INCH/120MM


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1* 5 INCH+1* 10 INCH

1* 5 INCH+1* 10 INCH


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1* 10 INCH/250MM

1* 10 INCH/250MM


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With Saker Contour Gauge, you can make home better.

When you were preparing to make an item, did you find that the shape of this item is strange, and can you really draw patterns yourself? Or did you find that when you finished drawing the pattern, it was not so perfect?

In such cases, the irregular patterns again become an obstacle to your hand-made. It may cause you to waste materials. But no more.Saker Contour Gauge can perfectly draw patterns without waste of materials.It can save your time and money, and you can do more important things.

  • 1.Determine the pattern you need and put contour gauge on it.
  • 2.Press the lock on the side to lock the pattern you need.
  • 3.Put contour gauge on the material and draw a pattern with a pencil.
  • 4.Cut the drawn pattern and repeat it multiple times until you have completed what you need.

Follow these steps, you can use this Saker Contour Gauge skillfully. Through Saker Contour Gauge, you can manually complete many irregular shapes.

Saker Contour Gauge can duplicate any shape instantly. This profile gauge creates an instant template for curved and odd shaped profiles simply and easily. Never transfer profiles to paper or cardboard again. The contour gauge makes measuring and cutting easy.

Suitable for tiles, laminates, carpets, size inspection, molding, body, woodworking and various styling tools.etc.It is ideal for copying irregular shapes and contours, ideal for templates with odd-shaped corners to properly cut patterns.

We can’t stress this enough:


Saker Contour Gauge is made of high-quality ABS plastic.

You can be confident that your hand will not be harmed by the good material.