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Saker Chamfer Plane4

I have been troubled by my carpentry work until a friend recommended me this new Saker Chamfer Plane. Since I used it, I can easily do my carpentry DIY!

Did you know that there is a new type of portable wood planing tool that can be used to plan wood easily?


I'm busy with my woodworking DIY recently. When I was doing basic wood planing work, I thought it would be very easy, but I didn't expect the work to be so difficult!

After I tried using other planing wood more than a dozen times, the planed wood was still rough and crooked, and it was not what I wanted. I know I have to make some changes, otherwise my carpentry DIY will not be able to go on!

I started to research various wood planing products on the Internet to see which wood planed products were rated the most. The only problem is that most wood planing tools are very large and heavy, and the wood planed out is crooked, and I hope that the planed wood can perfectly match my ideas. I was very frustrated, so before going to bed, I posted to facebook and asked my friends if they had any suggestions.

My Friends Brilliant Advice...

The next morning, when I woke up, I received a message from a friend who was a carpenter with more than ten years of work experience. He told me that woodworking practitioners like them will be equipped with a Saker Chamfer Plane, which is a new type of woodworking planer tool, which has been upgraded on the basis of ordinary woodworking planer tools. The new design is more in line with the rapid planing of wood in daily life. . "Does it really work?" I asked. He said this:

So I quickly ordered one on the Saker website and decided to give it a try. It appeared within 3 days of ordering, and I tested it. The first thing I noticed is that it is beautifully packaged. This is definitely not some cheaply manufactured "Made in China" product.

It also has a very cool feature that adds woodworking positioning, which allows you to easily locate wood and protect your safety in sharp situations. Even a novice can operate it simply and quickly.

I also noticed that more high-strength carbon steel blades have been added, which are sharp and ruthless and more efficient. Easy to disassemble and assemble, simple to assemble, easy to install, very suitable for carrying.

The Real Test -How Effective Is Saker Chamfer Plane?

The critical moment... I restarted my woodworking DIY, first using it for wood planing work.

What happened next was extraordinary. After a few minutes of wood planing, I got the wood shape I was satisfied with. I can't believe it. The problem that has troubled me for so long can be easily solved in a few minutes. I poured myself a glass of wine to celebrate the success of planing wood. I am very satisfied with the result, I think I can easily get any wood look I want, whether it is planed or shaped into other shapes. Saker Chamfer Plane is very effective. Although it looks small, it has a strong working ability!

"They'll Be Sold Out Before Summer"

Later that night, I sent a message to my friend, telling him that it was successful, and he was excited for me. He told me that he felt amazing when he first used it, but because Saker Chamfer Plane was very effective in planing wood, this product always sold out quickly.

Therefore, if you are reading this blog and want one, I suggest you rush to buy them as soon as possible, lest they sell out in the summer. Because this will be the best wood planing tool you have ever used.

I used to plan wood for tens of minutes, and the effect was very poor, but when I use Saker Chamfer Plane, I can easily plan out the wood shapes I want in very little time, and they look perfect, just like art Product!

Although I am new to woodworking DIY, Saker Chamfer Plane allows me to easily locate the wood position and keep the wood straight in a line. And using Saker Chamfer Plane to plan wood has never been injured, even if the wood is very sharp, it will not pierce my hand!

Then I Gifted It To My Father

Last weekend, I gave Saker Chamfer Plane to my father. He loves woodworking very much and often makes woodworking furniture by himself. He is also often troubled by wood planing. The wood planing tools he used before are too big to be carried, and it is easy to scratch his fingers.

When he first saw Saker Chamfer Plane, he thought it was too small and thought it was impossible to plan wood with it.

"How can this little thing complete such a big project as wood planing, you must be lying to me." Father didn't believe it. I didn't speak, and found a piece of wood to show him. In just a few minutes, I finished it quickly, and it was perfect.

Of course, after I finished, he quickly snatched Saker Chamfer Plane from me, and while studying, he asked me where I got this good helper for planing wood.

He can't believe it, and I can't believe it. Believe me, I don't use this term often, but Saker Chamfer Plane is simply AMAZING.

Conclusion: It's A No-Brainer

With ultra-simple settings, the assembly can be assembled and disassembled in just 20 seconds. Just put it together and you can use it, it's that simple. But wait...

I can hear the question now... Does Saker Chamfer Plane only apply to wood?

The answer-not only for planing wood! Saker Chamfer Plane is a multi-functional hand plane for both beginner woodworkers and seasoned professional carpenters to craft a few pieces or make furniture. You can use a Saker Chamfer Plane to trim just about anything: easing sharp edges, flush-trimming dovetails or wood plugs or chamfering elements.

This should be what any home craft or woodworking enthusiast needs.

"Saker Chamfer Plane is a win-win product. The price is amazing, the ease of use is superb, and the ease of planing and the high degree of finish are incredible."

I wholeheartedly give Saker Chamfer Plane TWO THUMBS UP!

Here Are The Details:

1. ADJUSTABLE DEPTH - Suitable for trimming and chamfering all kinds of wood. The cutting depth can be adjusted according to the working requirements.
2. EASY TO OPERATE - Equipped with horizontal and vertical bubbles for easy observation and leveling. Comfortable to hold and easy to operate.
3. HIGH-STRENGTH CARBON STEEL BLADES - Added multiple high-strength carbon steel blades, sharp and ruthless, more efficient.
4. EASY TO DISASSEMBLE AND ASSEMBLR - Saker chamfer plane is easy to disassemble and assemble, simple combination, and easy to install.