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I Got An Unusual Chamfer Plane With Totally 7 Cutters at Only $38.99 And After Tried I Love This Deal

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I have to admit that I didn't expect much of this cheap chamfer plane but it impressed me. It created a pretty nice cut, very clean.


A couple of weeks ago, I saw this on Facebook, and I liked the concept of what they were selling. I like to do woodworking and this is an unusual edge plane to cut a small chamfer on wood. So I got one set from their website.

It took me 6 days before I got my plane. You can see this is the packing box and there are some instructions and recommendations on it.

What I Got?

Meet the Saker Chamfer Plane >>

I get one body plane, extra six blades, a tool to help disassemble and assemble the plane, and one thing I don’t know how to use yet.

There are plenty of other tools that can be used for chamfering, but it looks like the goal of the Saker Chamfer Plane is to be quicker, easier, and more precise.

Saker says that it’s better than using a block plane for chamfers since you get an adjustable depth of cut, and the V-groove of the Saker Chamfer Plane ensures a perfect cut angle with each pass.

The blade is made from a tool steel blade and can be resharpened by honing the face against a fine-grit wetstone (or other similar flat tool-sharpening system you might prefer instead). Blades are sharp enough to use out of the box.

But I would recommend also sharpening this edge too to make a nice point.

For me, you can order a single plane and then blades in other profile sizes to save money, instead of buying more than one full plane. That’s why I spent $38.99 for “1* Saker Chamfer Plane + 6* Cutter Heads”.

If you just want one plane with built-in 45°blade, you only need to pay $28.99. Extra 5 dollars for more 6 blades, that will be a good deal for me.

Basically, it gets a level and an adjustment knob on the plane body. Besides, I like the idea of the set screw that fixes the blade and prevents movement during use.

Originally, I thought it didn’t look like changing blades was a quick or easy process. There are 7 screws holding the planes together, and the internals might require additional disassembly.

Saker did not design their chamfer plane to be as versatile a blade-changer as typical hand planes. However, the design does make the planes compact and presumably easier and quicker to use. Later on, it’s actually easier to change the blades on these planes than I had initially considered. 

My Use Experience

Then, I tried Saker Chamfer Plane and the edge was reasonably smooth. Then I took a bigger bite and see what would happen. At the beginning, there was some chattering.

So I screwed the lock to make the blade seated more against the body. When I sort of improved the plane by making the blade more solid and I took a couple of passes on the board and saw if it made any improvement. So I noticed that did a lot less chatter. It was a reasonably smooth cut left a good finish and I definitely noticed an improvement.

It's a really crisp, nice consistent edge from a $38.99 joke purchase which I didn't think would work well but it actually does.

My Thoughts on Saker Chamfer Plane

It is just my opinion.

✅ Get their 1 Saker Chamfer Plane+ Extra 6*Cutter Head variation at $38.99, instead of only 1 Saker Chamfer Plane at $28.99.

✅ There's a good selection of cutting heads. I usually prefer just a 45 degree chamfer, but this has some nice roundover and ogee heads.

✅ The bevels that go against the board should be polished metal, not painted. So I got the paint off to prevent it from coming off on the boards I was working on.

✅ A tool like this can be handy, quick, and much quieter than pulling out a router, installing a bit, and so forth.

✅ The extended edge guide make the tool much easier to move accurately along an edge.

✅ Adjust the blade so that it takes a very light cut; make a pass along the edge; lower the blade a little; and repeat until you have the degree of edge treatment you want. (Lather, rinse, repeat.)

✅ This and other similar planes include bubble levels in the body. I haven't found a use for these, but their presence doesn't hurt anything.

Conclusion – Is It Worth It?

So there you go, this is my experience for Saker Chamfer Plane.

You can make the decision for yourself.

But I do recommend it if you want to save some bucks and buy a performed-well plane or maybe you want to buy a more expensive version. It's up to you.

How Much Does Saker Chamfer Plane Cost?

There are 3 selections you can choose from:

Option A: 1*Saker Chamfer Plane, you can order for $28.99! Here is the buy link.

Option B: 1*Saker Chamfer Plane + Extra 6 Cutter Heads, you can order for only $38.99! SAVE 50%! Here is the buy link.

Option C: 1*Saker Chamfer Plane + Extra 6 Cutter Heads + 1*Saker Miter Saw Protractor, you can order for only $54.99! SAVE $38.99! Here is the buy link.

If you want to learn more information before getting a purchase, here is the official website here.

As of July 16, 2021* - Seems like there are a bunch of chamfer planes of similar design available now. But I do recommend Saker brand cause me and my friend Bob think that this a very good deal, considering the cost of $38.99. For other brand, we are not sure that they can give you the same good feeling and experience.

Don't hesitate! Get your Saker Chamfer Plane today while supplies last!

This is The Saker Chamfer Plane I Bought