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AUXTUR Cordless Leaf Electric Blower

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This AUXTUR Cordless Leaf Electric Blower Advantages:

  • High-Powered Performance

    With its 1000W motor, this leaf blower delivers exceptional performance, providing powerful airflow to swiftly clear leaves and debris from your yard, driveway, or patio.

  • Quiet and Efficient

    WExperience peaceful leaf blowing with the AUXTUR Cordless Leaf Electric Blower's low-noise operation. Plus, its excellent heat dissipation system keeps the blower running smoothly for prolonged periods without overheating.

  • Long-Lasting Battery

    Equipped with a 22V, 4000mAh rechargeable battery, the AUXTUR Cordless Leaf Electric Blower offers extended runtime for uninterrupted use. With a single charge, you can tackle various leaf-blowing tasks without the hassle of frequent recharging, ensuring efficient and convenient outdoor maintenance.

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AUXTUR Cordless Leaf Electric Blower is Rich in Features Beyond Your Imagination

Adjustable 6-Speed Settings

The AUXTUR Cordless Leaf Electric Blower features six-speed wind regulation, allowing you to customize the airflow intensity based on your specific needs. With the convenient one-click lock design, you can effortlessly maintain your desired speed.

Powerful High-Speed Airflow

With a robust body design, the AUXTUR Cordless Leaf Electric Blower generates an impressive airflow of 350CFM, guaranteeing exceptional work efficiency.

Cordless Convenience

Enjoy the convenience of cordless operation with the AUXTUR Leaf Electric Blower. Say goodbye to tangled cords and limited range, as this blower allows you to move freely around your entire area without any restrictions.

Ultra Lightweight and Compact

Our leaf blower weighs just 3.7 lbs, ensuring effortless maneuverability and easy portability. Whether you're clearing leaves or tidying up your yard, its lightweight construction minimizes fatigue, making it suitable for extended use without strain.

AUXTUR Cordless Leaf Electric Blower is So Easy to Use

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Climate Pledge Friendly

1 * AUXTUR Cordless Leaf Electric Blower
1 * Battery


1 * AUXTUR Cordless Leaf Electric Blower
2 * Batteries


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The blower has enough power to blow light/dry debris off your driveway and walkways. It's also useful to blow debris out of your garage too. It has variable speed (dial) control, but you'll most likely use the full power setting. You can also use this to blow off water off your car after a wash to minimize water spots/stains too.

Nikolas R.

The leaf blower has a very sharp look. Easy to assemble and put into use. The batteries have a long use duration and don’t take long to recharge. I do like the convenience of an additional battery as I don’t have to wait for the battery to recharge. The leaf motor provides a strong wind capable of moving small stones and the nose attachment makes it more effective and direct to blow clean.

Turner M.

The assembly was simple, and the unit is well-balanced and feels well-made. A rotating control allows the selection of a half dozen power levels, the lowest of which is pleasingly quiet, and the highest of which is loud but obviously more powerful. Their trigger has a lock feature, which allows long-term use without fatigue.

Jason H.

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