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Somatosensory Drum kit Portable Virtua Air Drum Stick

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  • AIR DRUMS: A virtual drum set that beats the air. It uses advanced 3D somatosensory technology and a 9-axis to accurately identify the position of the drum stick. It instantly plays the matching drum sound through the audio device, and can simultaneously play any music you choose on your mobile phone. BGM accompaniment.

  • Sports/Music: Somatosensory black technology swings drumsticks, passionate drumbeats

  • Trendy, cool, and invisible simulation drum

  • Lightweight and portable: a miniature drum kit that fits in your pocket

  • Easy to learn: 3 seconds to start the impromptu SOLO journey, the first second/turn on the drumstick; the second/turn on the speaker; the third second/calibrate the position of the drumstick

  • Variety of play methods: unlock more play methods, 1. Super hi sharing play method, add audio, increase the volume 2. Private self hi play method, add earphones, do not disturb others, 3 mobile accompaniment play method Bluetooth connection, optional accompaniment

  • Bluetooth speaker: drum kit with BGM

  • Good ingenuity and quality: can be hung and lifted, eye-catching lighting, non-slip design, high fidelity soundbox

  • Ultra-low latency response: using a proprietary wireless communication protocol. With ultra-low latency characteristics, ensure high-quality motion and sound synchronization, so that you never miss a beat.

  • Suitable for a variety of scenes: 01. Playing in the office during work, relax and decompress 02. Playing with friends in the party PARTY, increase the height and color 03. Play in the park and embrace nature, enjoy music in moderate exercise 04. Play at home to improve the family Atmosphere, rich family entertainment 05. Where to play? In fact, you can play where you want to play

Package List:

  1. Air drum stick*1

  2. Bluetooth Sound box*1

  3. Charging Cable*1

  4. other parts

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Customers Reviews