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SAKER® Plastic Pipe Welding Tool

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  • Enhanced Efficiency with Upgraded Chute Design: The SAKER® Plastic Pipe Welding Tool features a newly upgraded chute design that allows for adjustable positioning of the die head. This improvement significantly enhances work efficiency by providing greater flexibility and control.

  • Leak-proof and Secure Connections with Anti-Scald Copper Core Wire: The inclusion of an anti-scald copper core wire ensures leak-proof and secure connections. This feature eliminates the risk of leakage or disconnection during the welding process, enhancing the overall reliability and performance of the tool.

  • Adjustable Constant Temperature Setting: This welding tool offers a convenient constant temperature setting, allowing users to adjust the temperature from 0 to 380 ℃ according to the specific requirements of their welding projects. This temperature control capability ensures precise and consistent results.

  • Non-stick and Leak-proof with Anti-blocking Die Head: The anti-blocking die head of this welding tool ensures a non-stick surface for the pipe, preventing blockages and water leakage during the welding process. The tool comes equipped with die heads of different sizes, including 32mm (1.26in), 25mm (0.98in), and 20mm (0.79in), providing versatility to accommodate various pipe diameters

  • Wide Range of Material Compatibility: The SAKER® Plastic Pipe Welding Tool is capable of welding various materials such as PPR, PB, PE, PV, and other plastics. This versatility allows users to handle different types of pipes and expand the tool's applications across diverse projects and industries.


  • Can be used to weld PPR, PB, PE, PV, plastic and other materials.

  • Be equipped with 32mm(1.26in), 25mm(0.98in) and 20mm(0.79in) die head.


  • 1*SAKER® Plastic Pipe Welding Tool