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SAKER® Garden Hose Nozzle Sprayer

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  • Premium Copper Construction: The SAKER® Garden Hose Nozzle Sprayer is made of high-quality copper material, ensuring superior durability and resistance to leaks, rust, corrosion, and wear. Its solid copper construction makes it more durable compared to plastic alternatives, providing long-lasting performance.

  • Versatile Spray Applications: This nozzle sprayer is perfect for solving your spraying needs in orchards and gardens. It features automatic spraying functionality, allowing for continuous and hands-free operation. Whether you need to spray pesticides, perform indoor disinfection, or conveniently wash your car, this versatile sprayer is designed to meet your various spraying requirements.

  • Fine Mist Atomization: With the ability to produce high-pressure and fine mist sprays, the SAKER® Garden Hose Nozzle Sprayer ensures efficient and delicate atomization. This feature enables you to achieve a fine and even spray pattern, catering to different pesticide application needs. It provides optimal coverage and distribution of liquids for effective pest control or plant care.

  • High-Pressure Direct Jet: This nozzle sprayer is equipped with a high-pressure direct jet setting, allowing for a focused and powerful spray stream. This feature is ideal for tasks that require targeted spraying, such as cleaning stubborn dirt or debris. The high-pressure jet delivers a strong and precise stream, ensuring effective cleaning or rinsing.

  • Easy to Use and Control: The SAKER® Garden Hose Nozzle Sprayer is designed for effortless operation. It features user-friendly controls that allow for easy adjustment of the spray pattern and intensity. With its intuitive design, you can easily switch between different spray modes to suit your watering or cleaning needs. The nozzle sprayer provides a comfortable grip and smooth operation, ensuring a hassle-free spraying experience.


  • Material: Brass


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