Saker is one of the most popular ice scrapers on the market

Tom Wilson

Friday November 15, 2020

I save money, snow removal becomes easier, my tools are more economical and efficient

In the past, most people might not even consider buying an ice scraper. After all, most are basically the same. They have a scraper on one end and a brush on the other end. Think about it later, you can also pick one at the checkout bank, right? This is how everyone felt in the past, but after using Saker, you will start to have different ideas. We unboxed and tested this lightweight and extremely practical snow removal tool. Saker is far above average, making snow removal easier and faster. Check out the video above to see how people use Saker to quickly clear snow from cars.

Is it worth the $49.99 price tag?

The saker snow removal tool has this durable and lightweight design. Made of high-grade zinc alloy and stainless steel parts, it can withstand repeated use. The density of the product reflects the level of trekking poles, bringing a real solid and stable effect. Nonabrasive,super-strong nylon paddle designed with special protection to keep the paddle from breaking easily. Specially designed paddle with an anti-freeze additive to withstand the cold, and an EVA foam sleeve that prevents the paddle from scratching your finish, even in -22°F.

The Perfect Design

Saker can be expanded to 43 inches and compact to 23 inches. It weighs less than 2 pounds. It extends to 2 locking positions,the only snow removal tool on the market that extends to two locking positions for easy snow removal on large vehicles, yet collapses down to a compact size for convenient storage.

No difficulty in snow removal

Here we will introduce you to the actual operation method of Saker in detail. When you see Saker products, you know it is easy to use. You have two buttons, one at the back, for extension, and the other here, near the paddle, you can press this button to start snow removal. Press again to remove ice on the windshield. The purchase of Saker snow removal products comes with a storage bag. The storage bag is waterproof and durable. You can see its actual appearance in the product picture.

Use of snow removal

Saker and its logo (white) are posted on the back of the product. The first impression you see when you open it is that it is not like a normal snow blower, with a brush at one end and an ice scraper at the other end. What Saker has to do is to combine the two on one panel, scratch with a long ice scraper on one edge of the panel, and combine a non-refining paddle with a foam sleeve on the other end.

You can easily switch between the two by pressing a button. But the real uniqueness is that it can be expanded to a wider area, and a large amount of snow can be removed with a single tap, and it can be folded for storage after completion.

Saker is light and does not take up space

They also include a rubber pad that can be used for handling so it won't slip out of your hand, I like the fact that it is easy to switch. This is not complicated, nor surprising. Indeed, it is very easy to switch from one to the other, and the operation is very simple. Press the button and it will fall out, which is really cool.

There is another thing, expansion! Great, it's so smart, it's all metal. Everything is strong. I like how it extends from one area to another. It provides you with an increase from 23 inches to 43 inches, which can solve every area. This is really cool. And it's so compact, which is great, it won't take up much space in your car. You can store it anywhere in the car, which is not a problem for you at all.

Saker works efficiently

You can take a look at Saker's 10-inch snow removal test to see if it is indeed one of the ultimate snow removal tools on the market today. You will never be disappointed. It easily solves hard-to-reach roof areas. Saker has the ability to easily shrink to quickly switch between car areas. The same is true that Saker removes snow very quickly, so that in the process of snow removal, you are not using a traditional snowplow to remove snow on the roof. If it is covered by snow, the snow between the wiper and the windshield can be easily removed. One key to clear the snow from the top of the windshield to the front of the car, it greatly shortens the snow removal time, and you can clean two cars in five minutes.

About Saker

In terms of Saker product features, you cannot have negative thoughts about it. Although it is powerful, the price will not tend to be expensive. You can enjoy the powerful features of Saker snow removal for only $49.99. To be honest, this is a good product for your vehicle to deal with snowy weather. Click here to learn more about Saker and get your own version.

Tell Saker

Thank you for watching, you can post some experience and thoughts after purchase, let us know your views on Saker, and comment below on what you want Saker to improve further. Click here to buy your own Saker.

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Perry • 33 minutes ago

Very impressed with this, much sturdier than I expected. I will probably use this for other things besides winter travel.

Harry • 2 hours ago

Yes, absolutely. That’s the point. Works great ! I love it.

Eddie • 3 hours ago

This left a deep impression on me and it was much easier to use than I expected.

Calvin • 4 hours ago

Works great! Love the Saker tool. Kids love playing with it too.

Perry • 5 hours ago

Easy to use and great tool to have.

Conrad • 6 hours ago

Efficient product, super convenient. Help remove snow from the car.

John • 7 hours ago

Great. Bought as a gift for my father, he loves it.

Andy • 8 hours ago

Used it once and fulfill my expectations.

Mike • 9 hours ago

Suitable for winter when snow needs to be cleared.

Philip • 10 hours ago

Does just what i got it for.

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