Saker Collapsible Snow&Ice Removal Tool Has Become A Trend

Friday, August 06, 2020

Have you ever experienced such a headachy and annoying problem once you want to use your car in the winter?

Perhaps you can use a traditional ice scraper to remove the snow & ice from your car. Everything is going well as you try the best to clear the snow which stay on your car engine hood, the car body, trunk Lid as well as windscreen.

But then you look up and see there is still some snow in the car roof which you also need to clear up.

You take a stool out from your home and stand on it to clear up the snow as much as you can. Once you finish it, you think it is the best attempt you have done ever. However one hour later, new snow is laid on your car roof seems you don't make any effort at all.

This project just got a lot more difficult and now you're getting a little frustrated.

You have no other choice but to try to clear up the snow on your car again especially the car roof.

You know if you don't clean up the snow on the car roof, once you drive your car in an uneven road, the snow will spread out other places around your car which is dangerous during the driving.

Then you need to stop driving and start to clean up the snow by the basic ice scraper even though you know this effort can only last a short time. You have to do so which isn't that surprising but is still very aggravating. What is surprising is that even after many attempts, you still can't clear up the whole snow as the first time is easy, but later so many times the snow will be more and more. It is hard to deal with.

If you've ever been in this situation before, you know how frustrating it is.

You've wasted time but you still don't have a solution. Until now.

The Saker Collapsible Snow&Ice Removal Tool is the instant solution to this problem. This tool helps you clear up every corner to make your car as clean as much.

A tool with a longer handle makes it easier to reach across the car roof without having to use a stool or getting snow all over your coat. You'll find it easier to drive safely, because the handle make it simpler to clear the entire car. When you use a small scraper, the car roof alone can be so much work that by the time you're done, you'd probably rather hit the road than do the rest.

What is the Saker Collapsible Snow&Ice Removal Tool?

The Saker Collapsible Snow&Ice Removal Tool can self-adjusts to fit in any car storage bag - included with every unit. Keep your car clean outside AND inside. It is made with high grade zinc alloy and stainless steel parts to endure repeated use. Weighs just under 2 lbs. Now you don't need to waste time and effort but can clear the snow up from your car easily. Also it is specially designed paddle with an anti-freeze additive to withstand the cold, and an EVA foam sleeve that prevents the paddle from scratching your finish.

Heavy duty and durable, Saker is the first of its kind. The Collapsible Snow&Ice Removal Tool was designed to remove snow efficiently in order to get you on the road faster. The tool can also be used as an ice scraper to assist in clearing windows. Lightweight, collapsible, and able to extend to two locking positions.

The Saker Collapsible Snow&Ice Removal Tool must- have in your garage!

The unique design in order to make this tool more efficient.

EXTENDS TO 2 LOCKING POSITIONS- The only snow removal tool on the market that extends to two locking positions for easy snow removal on large vehicles, yet collapses down to a compact size for convenient storage.It was made specifically to remove snow from cars, and to do it more efficiently than a tradition scraper can.

The perfectly angled paddle makes the tool move the snow faster.

We liked the quality of the Smartsaker. Unlike the super cheap and tiny hand-held scrapers most of us have suffered with at some point, Saker Collapsible Snow&Ice Removal Tool has the perfectly angled paddle. It feels nice in a gloved hand and is large enough that you can use a second hand to lay some weight into it for thick, stubborn ice.

This tool turns frustrating into efficient and dangerous into safe.

Many customers have described using the Saker Collapsible Snow&Ice Removal Tool Easy as painless, quick, and even fun!

Plus, customers love that this tool helps them save time which ends up saving them money. Even though it is snowy outside, they still need to drive the car in the working days to support their life.

Also once talking about the density level of the pole, it can be used as a Trekking pole. The Saker Collapsible Snow&Ice Removal Tool won't damage the car windshield even though the temperature is 30 degrees below zero. And it can resist to high and low temperature shock.

The Saker tool can make their driving safer and quicker, so it is the best pick for them.

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