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Brand Story:As we continue to celebrate five hardworking and highly rewarding years in business, the Saker brand holds a unique history within itself. As you can probably imagine, Saker branding has evolved along with the company. As more products were unveiled, so was the Building Innovations slogan. This played to the inventive nature of Saker products released during 2014-2019. After carving out a solid niche in the woodworking world, we established our current slogan.

In a Nutshell:Tools that inspire. Tools that work.

For the Future:As our customer base grows to include not only woodworkers but also DIYers, we have highlighted a company goal: Create innovative tools that inspire our customers to start building. Keep projects simple with straightforward, high quality tools. And finally, give customers the confidence and knowledge that they need to keep on creating.

Key Products:

Hold 90° corner and T joints in boxes, cabinets, and cases easily with the Saker 90° Corner & “T” Joints Corner Clamp. Get a helping hand to hold 90° corners and “T” joints together securely when you’re assembling boxes, drawers, cabinets, and cases. The 90° Corner & “T” Joints Corner Clamp leaves both of your hands free to add your fasteners while you assemble your projects.

The Saker 90 Degree Alloy Material Carpenter's Tool transforms into a functional stencil. Using our tool means that you only have to measure once. Creates layouts in tiles, bricks, paving stones, lumber, laminate, and more. The ruler is useful for creating bull’s eyes, arches, plumb cuts, and any other cuts that you can think of.

You can use the Saker Contour Duplication Gauge to measure the shape of irregular items and create an instant template for marking precise cuts. The Saker Contour Duplication Gauge perfectly conforms to a shape and holds its pattern. Copying a profile has never been so easy. The Saker Contour Duplication Gauge is handy for woodwork, auto body repairs, auto sheet metal work, stainless steel work, or for any modeling and duplication work.