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Denyse Guthrie

Saturday November 7, 2020

Once move to a new house, decoration is not easy at all!

 When I move to my new house, I was so excited and want to make this house be my stylish one.

But how wonderful imagination is, then how frustrated I am after trying. I guess most of us may have the same experience.

First you may use the old metal rule which you find in your home, even you know the the shape is too irregular to measure, however there is no better choice. Then you have drawn the pattern yourself, you tried to cut the materials and make it match to your wall/floor/etc. But the imperfect pattern will cause difficulty in cutting finally. After the cutting fails, you will definitely feel distressed.


How can I make my imagination become true?

So for me, ( being 5’7 ) this hits a little above the ankles. I can walk in it without tripping and while this thing swims around me, it surprisingly doesn’t get in the way of doing things.

“That brings me to my next point, The sleeves have a sweatshirt style cuff that keeps the bulk of the arm fabric out of your way if you’re pouring a cup of coffee or sticking a log on the fire. ”

The hood is very deep and can easily be pulled over the eyes for a cozy nap experience, and the fabric is undoubtably plush. But with that gorgeously soft plushness comes my only con: this thing sheds!


Just toss in the wash on cold - it comes out like new!

As soon as I opened it, I could tell it was going to shed. I Immediately threw it in the wash, ( cool, delicate ) tumble dried low, used a soft bristle brush to go over the whole thing and then took a lint roller to it!

“Yes, I brushed and lint rolled it! My husband cracked a few funnies while I was in the process… But let me tell you, it’s worth it! This thing doesn’t shed anymore”

It's my absolute favorite thing to throw on when The house is freezing in the morning or when I’m cuddling up on the couch with a good book. My husband has even threatened to steal it from me on several occasions.

Best Christmas Gift For Family

Let me first provide a warning. If you do not live alone, then you are in trouble.

1 - other people in your home will be caught "borrowing" your Comfy
2 - now you just spent more money, because you have to buy your family members their own Comfy to leave yours alone.

This is the best Christmas present. And my intention was to gift this to them for Christmas. But, I had no choice but to buy it, and give it to them early - so they would leave MINE alone. 

All in all, I highly recommend treating yourself or a loved one to this! A very thoughtful gift, regardless of gender.

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